Hollis Read,

Hollis Read will never forget his first clients, and the're not likely to forget him eaiter. The homeowners were looking for an upgrade, coming to Hollis with a research file and their own valuation estimate for their home they hoped to sell. At the time, Hollis was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and working as an Air Traffic Controller, a job that requires a truely next-level attention to detail. Using these skills, he dug into the clients' research and found that their assumptions on the valuation were far to conservative. Hollis' significatly higher valuation of the property elicited skeptisim from his clients at first, but in just a few short days, the home was under contract and utlizing his negotiation skills was able to achieve over asking price in a buyers market. 

When he became a homeowner at age 22, Hollis was impressed with how hard his real estate agent worked for him. The transaction sparked his inate curiousity, ultimately leading him to become a licensed real estate agent in Florida, where he was living while in the Air Force. Hollis brings his Air Force background to everything he does, valuing service over self, putting integrity first, and striving for excelence. 

Office Location: 4660 La Jolla Village Dr Ste 100, San Diego

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