Living in Beverly Hills, CA

Imagine waking up to the sun shining over the Hollywood Hills, sipping your coffee on your balcony as you watch the world go by.

Los Angeles's most glamorous neighborhood, Beverly Hills, is home to such a lifestyle. While Beverly Hills is known for its red carpets and celebrity sightings, more attractions draw people here beyond the glamour.

Despite being so close to busy LA, there are plentiful lovely parks ideal for outdoor activities or just relaxing outside.

This article will share important things to know about living in Beverly Hills. We will look closely at the high cost of living there. We will also discuss the top amenities and hidden local gems to discover.

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A Tranquil Retreat amidst the Bustle of Los Angeles

Situated 10 miles west of Downtown LA, Beverly Hills puts residents in the heart of entertainment opportunities. With easy highway access, all of Southern California is also within reach.

Both homeowners and renters appreciate having privacy. They also appreciate feeling close to the city. Commute times are short, which makes getting around easy.

From Rodeo Drive to The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills is home to some of the most iconic destinations in the world. But beyond the glitz and glamour, residents enjoy a variety of perks making life more comfortable.

Over 50 acres of parks provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Meanwhile, an exemplary school system ensures children receive a top-notch education.

Even running errands feels like a pleasure among the boutiques and eateries. Beverly Hills combines the best of both worlds: the ritzy reputation people know and love, with convenient amenities. But this luxury lifestyle does come at a cost.

Beyond Luxury - Discover the Private Side of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has many different architectural styles for homes. Some are Mediterranean or French country style. Others are modern designs. This gives buyers many options for luxury real estate.

However, Beverly Hills homes for sale are some of the most expensive properties in the world. Anyone looking to buy should be prepared to pay top dollar. The median home price is $3.7 million and some properties sell for up to $70 million.

For many, the luxury lifestyle is worth the enormous cost of living associated with residing in such an elite zip code.

The following are in the top 10 list of the most expensive neighborhoods in the US:



Median Home Value

Atherton, CA



Los Altos, CA

Los Altos


Beverly Hills, CA

Trousdale Estates


Medina, WA



Miami Beach, FL

Fisher Island


Note: The table provides a general comparison using the latest available data.

Rental costs in Beverly Hills are high. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,400. This is higher than LA County's average rental cost of $2,500.

High Social Status

A symbol of wealth, Beverly Hills real estate represents more than just a place to live. Many celebrities and influential people own homes here as a display of success.

Some examples include Casey Affleck's $6.7 million mansion and Jeff Bezos' $70 million estate. The historic Manor Village district also offers nicely renovated cottages starting at $2.3 million.

There is something for everyone in Beverly Hills, whether you are looking for a restored historic gem or ultra-modern mansions.

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Cost of Living

Living up to the opulent Beverly Hills standards requires considerable ongoing costs.

The cost of living is high for the residents: a gallon of gas costs $6, a meal for two costs over $500, and a Lakers ticket sets you back $1,000. Even groceries for a family of four easily top $300 a week.

Along with daily living expenses, utility costs in this affluent area are also high. In addition, those able to afford the high costs enjoy lavish amenities and endless upscale shopping options.

Retail Therapy Options

From designer boutiques to trendy local shops, Beverly Hills offers a wide range of stores. Whether you're looking for luxury brands or unique gifts, you'll find many shopping options.

A trip wouldn't be complete without visiting the iconic Rodeo Drive. Home to Prada, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co, this famous street attracts shoppers and celebrity sightings. Add it to your bucket list on your next trip.

Besides Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills features a variety of shopping options:

  • Brighton Way with jewelers like Cartier
  • The Grove outdoor mall with Neiman Marcus
  • Beverly Drive lined with furniture and home decor boutiques
  • Restock your pantry at Erewhon Market for home-type cooking

A stroll through Beverly Hills provides a delightful shopping experience unlike any other. But how does the city's acclaimed dining stack up?

Where to Eat

Beverly Hills restaurants cater to both shoppers and foodies with acclaimed cuisine. From classic establishments to trendy new spots, you'll find many dining options for any occasion.

  • Iconic Eateries: The Ivy and Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel have long served celebrities and regulars tasty American food.
  • Trendy Spots: Wolfgang Puck's Spago popularized California cuisine and still attracts stars.
  • Global Flavors: Discover classic to modern American, as well as Italian at Campanile, Pan-Asian plates at Sage, and Latin twists at Sabor.

With such a variety of high-quality restaurants, it's easy to understand why Beverly Hills is a favorite destination for foodies. Indulge while taking in the upscale atmosphere. Given Beverly Hills' abundance of notable culinary attractions, it's no surprise that traffic is heavy over there.

Traffic and Congestion

Both locals and out-of-town visitors contribute to traffic issues in Beverly Hills. Many people are drawn to the amenities and entertainment venues. This leads to congestion on the small streets which cannot accommodate high vehicular volumes.

Information from the Waze app indicates average rush hour speeds decrease to approximately 15 mph between 3-7 pm. Mornings are only slightly better, with 18-22 mph from 6-9 am.

Other Ways to Get Around

A few other ways exist to get around in Beverly Hills, but they all have their drawbacks:

  • The Metro light rail stops near city limits but doesn't go to the central area.
  • Ridesharing services such as Uber/Lyft are convenient but pricey.
  • Biking is okay for short trips, but hazardous owing to heavy traffic.

What’s more, expressways encircle Beverly Hills but few roads lead into the city. This results in traffic jams which extend delays up to an hour. Beverly Hills has only a few roads to enter and exit the city.

Because of this, getting around can be difficult. Commuters need to plan for traffic jams. Especially during early morning and evening rush hour.

Whereas traffic is a downside, Beverly Hills is attractive to growing families thanks to a renowned public education.

Beverly Hills Schools

Growing families appreciate access to the Beverly Hills Unified School District. BHUSD is rated one of the top districts for teachers in the state of California.

With an average graduation rate of 96%, the public schools in Beverly Hills often rank among the best in California and the nation. Beverly Vista Middle School even topped recent statewide middle school rankings.

Beverly Hills schools excel thanks to small 14:1 student-teacher ratios. This is far below state averages, which allows for individualized attention.

Special programs in science, arts, and other areas have also produced many award-winning and gifted students.

The diverse Beverly Hills student population—from celebrity kids to gifted scholars—has access not only to top academics but to cultural enrichment as well.

Cultural Enrichment Abounds

Beyond the classes, Beverly Hills features a vibrant arts and culture scene. Galleries, theaters, and other cultural venues throughout the city provide plentiful opportunities to enjoy the arts without leaving Beverly Hills.

Venues such as the Geffen Playhouse offer Broadway shows in a 270-seat theater. The Writers Guild Theatre plays host to film festivals and industry premieres. Further, historic homes such as the Greystone Mansion play host to occasional private exhibitions.

Beverly Hills High School sports have passionate fans who rally behind various teams. The tennis, basketball, and soccer teams enjoy competing against rival schools, firing up crowds at pep rallies and games.

Beverly Hills fosters creativity in many ways, from passionate academic wins to convenient access to world-class art. Such diversity in cultural expression thrives in settings that are safe and secure.

Unmatched Safety and City Services

A city of wealth and privilege, security and safety are a top priority in Beverly Hills. The city's police force maintains law and order, and with a rate of 20 compared to the US average of 22.7, Beverly Hills has lower rates of violent crime.

Furthermore, emergency responders ensure quick response times, providing peace of mind. Refuse collection, road repairs, and reliable utilities are only some of the municipal services residents enjoy.

Plus, tranquil parks offer spaces of fresh air and greenery close by. Given the unmatched safety and city services, it's understandable why Beverly Hills remains desirable for its privileged residents.

Networking Opportunities

Beyond the refined living, Beverly Hills provides a great opportunity for professional growth. Key hangouts often bring together industry figures to ease business and investment opportunities.

Besides the luxury amenities, celebrities and wealthy folks find Beverley Hills attractive thanks to the potential for signing lucrative deals.

STEP 1: Choose your venue

The Polo Lounge and Beverly Hills Hotel host deal-making over cocktails or croquet. High-rises hold sky-lit receptions ideal for prospecting partnerships within stunning backdrops.

STEP 2: Attend charity galas

Fundraising events at spots like the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts allow businesspeople to connect and find common interests.

STEP 3: Find event introductions

Well-connected residents introduce contacts seeking to enable profitable ventures between executives.

STEP 4: Close new deals

With enough networking, high-level professionals get to sign new deals.

Where relationships mean revenues in the business world, power broking is another perk of living in Beverley Hills. Catching a glimpse of celebrities among the famous hedge-lined streets is also common.

Spot A-List Celebrities Roaming the Streets

Spotting a renowned actor casually interacting with onlookers can seem as ordinary in Beverly Hills as getting coffee. Welcome to the star-studded streets!

For example, while out and about, one might come across Jennifer Anniston or Sylvester Stallone shopping or simply minding their business. Neighborhoods such as Trousdale Estates and Beverly Park appreciate the anonymity of notable inhabitants beneath palm fronds.

Meanwhile, paparazzi lay in wait at prominent locales such as The Ivy and Spago hoping to photograph esteemed diners enjoying a meal. Whether going about daily activities or scrolling social media, catching a glimpse of various celebrities is common.

Despite a reputation for glamorous star encounters, numbers show Beverly Hills' resident demographics have begun shifting in recent years.

Shifting Demographics

Beverly Hills is known for exclusivity, but is the city's wealthy population starting to shrink? Numbers support this theory. The 2020 census counted 33,126 residents in Beverly Hills, a 2.89% decrease from 2010. For a place long symbolizing wealth, this drop is notable.

Available data indicates population trends over recent decades:



Change from the previous year













Note: The table provides a general comparison using the latest available data

What's causing people to move away? Possible reasons include differences in wants/needs, money issues, and the appeal of nearby communities.

Despite the shrinking population, some neighborhoods remain popular with the rich and famous. And with the average household income at $204,174, well-paid workers continue fueling the local workforce.

As money trends change and the local population evolves, it remains to be seen if Beverly Hills can stay true to its exclusive image.

Match Expectations to Reality

Renowned for myths and prestige, Beverly Hills welcomes residents and visitors alike with a shiny image of luxurious living.

While benefits and acclaim attract people to Beverly Hills, maintaining appearances here necessitates significant work and expenses. Residents may feel consistent pressure to sustain their appearance and social standing. This may translate into higher costs for beauty, fashion, and socializing.

In keeping with particular social norms and expectations, newcomers may also face judgment for any faux pas. This includes their fashion sense or lack of and invites to prestigious social events, amongst others.

For some, striking a balance between their well-being and the community's high standards is a constant challenge.

Beverly Hills Real Estate—the Epitome of Luxury Living

For over a century, Beverly Hills has embodied luxury and glamour through opulent homes and famous names.

However downsides exist, such as high costs, social norms, and perfection pressures residents face.

Still, Beverly Hills appeals as a desirable place to live, work, and raise a family despite challenges.

Interested in the Beverly Hills lifestyle? Our experienced local agents are ready to guide you through your next property transaction.

Reach out to schedule a showing as you envision calling this exclusive community home.

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