Living in Pacific Beach

Do you dream of waking up to waves crashing on the shore? Or maybe you long for days spent swimming, surfing, and sunbathing?

If so, Pacific Beach (PB) might be the most ideal place for you.

PB is an exciting beach town located west of downtown San Diego. It's known for its three-mile sandy beach stretch, which is popular with all ages. The nightlife scene in PB is also vibrant, with dozens of bars and clubs open late.

So, is PB right for you? Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of living in this sunny beach town. And if you decide that PB is the place for you, contact us today to help you find your dream home.

Pros and Cons of Living in Pacific Beach, CA

Pros Cons Beach Lifestyle Cost of Living Outdoor Activities and Attractions Limited Parking Walkability Noisy Education and Schools Crime rates

Pros Cons
Beach Lifestyle High Cost of Living
Things to Do Limited Parking
Walkability Noisy
Education and Schools Crime Rates

Pros of Living in Pacific Beach

Access to the Beach

Explore three miles of fine sand ideal for volleyball, surfing, and swimming at Pacific Beach. There is nothing quite as relaxing as enjoying a cold beverage while watching the waves pound the coast on a hot summer day.

However, the beach provides much more than just a place to swim and relax in the sun. It's the ideal destination to mingle, meet people, and have fun.

Take your furry friend on walks, play Frisbee, or let the kids build sand castles in the sand. More people visit the beach on the weekends to enjoy the surf and sunshine. Along with stores offering mementos and beach supplies, there are usually street vendors selling food and beverages.

In summary, Pacific Beach offers activities for all types of beachgoers, whether you want to unwind or be active.

Things to Do in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach offers a plethora of activities. Along with the beach, there is shopping, dining, and entertainment. Additionally, you may explore Mission Bay Park, take a boat tour of the water, or stroll or bike along the promenade.

Here are just a few of the entertaining options nearby:

Catch a Wave

Pacific Beach has got you covered if you've ever wanted to surf. To master the fundamentals of catching the right wave and standing tall, hit the waves with the guidance of a surf school. Once you grasp the basics, it won't take you long to ride the line between stoke and wipeout.

Blast off on a Jet Ski

Want an adrenaline rush? Take to the tranquil waters of Mission Bay on a jet ski. A handful of rental companies stand ready to launch your jet-propelled watercraft.

Explore Mission Bay Park

From swimming beaches and boat launches to miles of hiking paths and a miniature train, this vast park has something for everyone. Pack a picnic, and spend the day relishing the breathtaking Pacific views and the white-sandy beaches of PB.

Take a Boat Tour

Take a cruise or boat excursion for a view of a captain's-eye view of Mission Bay while learning about nautical history. Get a unique perspective of this protected bay from a sightseeing boat.

Nightlife Spots

Although beach parties may start with the sunset, the real action in Pacific Beach begins after dark. College students and the laid-back surfer ethos of PB transform it into a vibrant nightlife district with a hive of bars and eateries.

Beer enthusiasts will adore Grand Avenue's specialty beer bar, Barrel Republic, which features an ocean motif. Visit El Pérez on Mission Boulevard for tacos and drinks with a view.

The abundance of beachy pubs and other establishments lining Grand and Garnet avenues, make PB the ideal combination of casual fun and premium entertainment.

Pacific Beach Walkability

According to ZeroDown, Pacific Beach is one of San Diego's most walkable neighborhoods, with almost everything you need within a 15-minute stroll.

Here are some of the walkable wonders that make PB such as joy for residents who enjoy life leisurely:

  • Beach access: The 2-mile beach is accessible from multiple points along Grand and Mission avenues.
  • Shopping: Beach residences are within walking distance of more than 300 shops and eateries along Garnet and Grand.
  • Dining: With over 100 restaurants from pizza to taco shops and upscale seafood, foodies don't need to leave the 'hood'.
  • Nightlife: Garnet and Mission is dotted with walkable clusters of vibrant bars, pubs, and music venues.

Pacific Beach rewards those who enjoy life at a walking pace with its compact layout and abundance of amenities.

Pacific Beach Schools

Thanks to engaged parents, committed instructors, and a coastal setting that fosters creativity and innovation, schools in the PB area often obtain ratings that are above average.

  • John Muir Elementary School: A small institution with one class per grade, this school has about 320 pupils and teaches elementary (UTK-6) and middle school (7-8) students.
  • Pacific Beach Middle (Grades 7-8): With a rating of 8 out of 10, this carefully planned STEAM campus encourages critical thinking and problem-solving via project-based learning.
  • Correia Middle (Grades 7-8): Students take advantage of a 5-day rotating program that incorporates projects, group work, and independent study.
  • Pacific Beach and Mission Bay High Schools: Mission Bay High is renowned for its visual and performing arts program, while Pacific Beach High is noted for its engineering curriculum.

PB truly sets kids up for success with excellent opportunities from elementary school through high school. At the same time, kids can grow up with beach life as a joyful constant.

Cons of Living in Pacific Beach

High Cost of Living

The ideal climate, immaculate beaches, and vibrant social scene in Pacific Beach come at a cost. Locals are aware that living by the sea here often means living on a beachfront budget.

The following are the main cost-of-living challenges in PB that both homeowners and renters often encounter:

Housing Costs

According to recent data, home values in PB are almost 35% higher than the county average. While the average Pacific Beach home for sale costs over $1 million, a two-bedroom apartment typically costs $3,000 per month. Properties on the beach can cost over $5 million.


Grocery stores in PB take advantage of a captive audience by being situated near the beach. Food and other necessities will cost slightly more here than they would elsewhere in the city.

Eating Out

Pacific Beach has a wide variety of dining options, with more than 100 establishments to select from. However, because of the high demand, eating out in PB is expensive.


With the combination of strong demand and older housing stock, utility costs in PB are equal to or higher than the average for the city as a whole. Although the high cost of living is a drawback, many people consider the community, weather, and beach living to be worth the high cost.

Few Parking Spots

Having a beach party atmosphere year-round, Pacific Beach is ideal for those seeking a car-free lifestyle. For drivers, finding a parking spot can become an epic surf session in itself.

Here are the key things to note:

  • Shore spots: Beach lots fill quickly after opening. Early surfers snag these.
  • Metered parking: Competition for metered spaces along the main strip ($1.50-$2/hour) is intense. The early birds get to feed the meters.
  • No free rides: In contrast to other beach communities, PB does not offer free street parking. Without a permit, expect 2-hour limits.
  • Into the wild: People who can't find parking end up blocks away. Bikes and scooters navigate through "the jungle," as locals refer to PB's enormous parking conundrum.

The surf may draw you to PB, but it's the laidback community and shared laughs over parking woes that make it feel like home.

Noisy Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach lives up to its reputation as a party town with its nightlife, shops, and performances. Those seeking peace might find the vibe a bit too lively.

Besides the tranquility of the beach and bay, PB has the following:

  • Endless Weekend: The party lasts all weekend long thanks to a variety of pubs and eateries. Live music, late-night crowds, and busy sidewalks make the noise worse.
  • Boardwalk Blare: In warmer weather, a steady stream of entertainers, skaters, cyclists, and walkers gather on the coastal boardwalk. Sounds carry for blocks.

Is Pacific Beach Safe?

Reports vary, some rate PB as being safe, while others like AreaVibes assign it an F in safety ratings. The reality? PB balances beach vibes with around-the-clock security.

Category Pacific Beach, CA
Crime Rates 101% higher than the national average
Violent Crimes 54% higher than the national average
Property Crimes Higher than the national average
Safety Grade B minus

Walking the boardwalk, squad cars often roll by keeping order but not spoiling the party atmosphere. Minor citations and occasional noise complaints come with beach towns. However, law enforcement keeps serious crime at bay so all can unwind and take in the ocean breezes.

The Perfect Beach Town Paradise

A lively coastal town, PB has plenty to offer locals and visitors alike. There is something for everyone, whether you seek white sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, or shopping and dining venues.

Whereas Pacific Beach is expensive to live along with inadequate parking, no place is perfect. However, PB is for you if you’re searching for fun and sun in a SoCal setting.

Are you considering moving to Pacific Beach? To determine whether the location is a good fit for you, we recommend you drive on over for a visit and tour our homes.

Contact us today if you're interested in finding out more about Pacific Beach real estate.

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